About us

Focus Integration Systems is a software services provider and technology integrator.

We are building computing systems for our clients by combining high skill solutions and of–the-shelf software to meet key business goals. By using our services and solutions a company can align cheaper pre configured component. Our services provide value and quality to a large customer base in a wide range of industry verticals. The company is a leading consultant in Israel’s mainly in Finance and Telecom sectors.


Focus has deep knowledge on Microsoft , Java and Oracle technologies. We are offering large scale of services, consulting, and training and verticals solutions based on those platforms. Knowledge on cross platform enables us to assist a mainly large Enterprise business unit who requires integration and transparent solutions to business requirements. We are leading our customers from the early stage of the requirements to the actual business solution outcomes end-to-end.

Our Solutions

For Clients from small to large complex environment Focus provides end-to-end solutions in business process management , migration from one to another platform and Digital Archiving platform for preserving material stores in Digital Formats.