Business Process Management Software and Solutions

We provide Business Process Management (BPM) Software enable to map, model and manage company process by putting process management in the hand of business users. Focus I.S LTD is a partner of Source Code a worldwide leading provider of BPM product called K2.

Visual Basic Upgrade

K2 Platform Overview

Process-driven applications — fast.

K2® offers three software products to help you increase business efficiency and simplify work. K2's visual tools allow people of various technical and non-technical backgrounds to create applications That automate processes and streamlines operations. And when something in the business changes, modifying the applications to keep up is easy.

K2 applications can be set up to manage simple business processes — such as document approval or inventory tracking — and they can be set up to pull together processes, people, services, Information and systems into a single application that helps drive business. Then, what's been built can be used like building blocks to assemble new applications.

Because K2 tools are built on Microsoft technology and because K2 users actually complete work in the Microsoft programs they already know — like SharePoint and Visual Studio — Little training is required and user buy-in is quick. In fact, K2 provides more Microsoft integration Points than any other software product in the space.

We have a range of products to meet the needs of organizations with unique business challenges, Technical resources and budgets; because, in software, one size does not fit all.

K2 Blackpearl

K2 blackpearl design surfaces — browser-based, Office-like or hosted in Visual Studio — Are appropriate for a broad range of users and technical-skill sets. And because the process definition Is not tied to the designer, users can collaborate regardless of their technical skill or preference.

With K2 blackpearl, everything is visual. Everything is declarative. Everything is reusable. Everything is intuitive.

K2 Blackpoint

SharePoint workflow. More features. No code.

K2 blackpoint® is for SharePoint users who want visual tools to build workflows And process-driven applications quickly — without code, without complexity.

K2 blackpoint features a powerful Office-style designer (K2 Studio) and a Web-based designer (K2 Designer for SharePoint). Its price point is competitive with other low-cost offerings, so it's easy to get started with workflows and process-driven applications.

And because K2 blackpoint is a subset of K2 blackpearl®, it offers an upgrade path so that organizations can grow their investment and add capabilities over time, if needed.

K2 Connect

The fastest, easiest way to integrate SAP information with your business applications.

K2 connect® is an add-on for K2 blackpearl that, essentially, provides the tools to build a bridge. K2 connect enables SAP developers to quickly and visually create reusable business entities (SmartObjects) that can be used by .NET developers and business users to integrate SAP information with applications and workflows.

With K2 connect for SAP this requires no code and can be accomplished with just a few clicks — as opposed to days or weeks of solid development time — freeing IT resources.